Dockless bike sharing on the South Side

How Pace works

1. Find your Pace
Use the Pace app to find a nearby bike, or just look around.
2. Make quick stops
Tap “Hold bike” in the app and lock up. Your bike will be waiting for you.
3. Lock and end ride
Close the built-in lock and secure with the cable. Then, tap "End Ride" in the app.

$1 per 30 minutes

You can pay for Pace using a linked credit card or cash. Student and EBT discounts are also available. Learn more about our Pledge to Pace communities.

Pay with Cash - No credit card? No problem! We’ve partnered with PayPal Cash and PayNearMe so you can ride Pace with cash. You can fill up your Pace account using cash at any CVS, 7-Eleven, Rite Aid or Family Dollar.

EBT Discounts - EBT members are eligible for discounted Pace memberships! Eligible members automatically qualify for a $5 monthly membership. That’s unlimited 60 minute trips for just $5 a month.

Student Discounts - Our student discount plan makes it easy and affordable for students to ride Pace. Just enter a valid .edu email address and qualify for a 50% discount on our $29 monthly subscription. That’s just $14.50 a month for unlimited 60 minute trips!

Pace is live on Chicago's South Side.
250 smart bikes, all for you.
Pace is different from other bike shares. Watch to learn why.

1. Don’t block the middle of the sidewalk
Do not block the pedestrian clear‐zone area of the sidewalk.

2. Parallel parking at street signs
If locking to a street sign, it must be positioned parallel to the sidewalk so as to prevent blockages on roadways and sidewalks.

3. Do NOT park at these places:
Fire hydrants
Call boxes
Utility poles/boxes
Bus benches

4. Leave 6 feet of space when locking up
Always leave 6 feet of unobstructed space for pedestrians

Start your ride today— your first trip is on us!*

Get the Pace app
*Up to 30 minutes


Partner with Pace

Drive people to your place of business with your own Pace bike rack. Promote your product or service with branding across Pace bikes, parking signs and our mobile app. Or, get your people on bikes with free or discounted rides.

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