Bike Sharing in Tallahassee

How it works

Find bikes near you in the Pace app. When you select a bike, the lock will pop open. Unplug the security cable and hop on.

Enjoy your ride! Select ‘Hold bike’ in the app if you’d like to keep your bike during a quick stop. Grab a coffee and your bike will wait.

Park at your destination by locking to a Pace rack or any public bike rack — push the back lock closed and secure with the cable.

$1 per 30 minutes

No membership fees or holds on your card, just pay as you go.

Bikes you can count on

The map in the Pace app shows bikes near you parked at Pace racks & public bike racks.

This all guarantees bikes will be there when you need them, but you have the flexibility you need when your journey demands it.

Ready to ride?

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